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Available Specialties


Eating disorder treatment method aimed at reducing the negative voice of the “inner critic” and enhancing one’s “true self” through experiential treatments, talk therapy, CBT and DBT inspired worksheets, and collaboration with an EDIT certified provider.

Couples Therapy

 The research based Gottman Method is used in treatment to increase empathy and understanding within the relationship, enhance verbal communication, increase intimacy, respect and affection between the partners. 


Learn how to recognize symptoms of anxiety and/ or depression; learn strategies to cope with and reduce intensity of these symptoms for overall improvement in daily functioning; identify triggers and ways to regulate mood, behavior and improve interpersonal relationships.

Perinatal Disorder

Pregnancy through one year after giving birth, hormonal changes, mood disorders, “baby blues,” lack of connection with baby, loss of enjoyment, irritability, lethargy, and frequent crying may be some of your symptoms. Learn to use CBT and interpersonal therapy to manage and reduce problematic symptoms, learn coping strategies, foster healthy emotional development with infant, improve daily functioning


Learn ways to effectively cope with the loss and emotions experienced; may include cognitive behavioral strategies as well as integrating 5 stages of grief.


Rather than focus on the label, our approach is to focus on your individual strengths and unique qualities; affirming and adaptive strategies to help you meet your goals. We administer basic screening tools to help guide treatment, however will refer out for more extensive, neuropsychological assessments if that is your preference or our recommendation at any time during treatment.

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2nd Specialities

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